Register for the Race

You do not need to provide any medical certificate for The Balexert 20km de Genève.

Contact us via email at info-20km@20kmgeneve.com with the subject: REGISTRATION FORM PROBLEM and sending a screenshot of your issue alongside a detailed description.

  1. I check that my card has enough money on it
  2. If possible, I try with another credit card
  3. I check that my internet connection is optimal

If I still can’t get through, I contact the organization at the following email address info-20km@20kmgeneve.com

In order to personalise your medal, you need to go back to your runner’s profile and click on “edit my registration”. Scroll down the form to the “personalise your medal” section and select “yes”. Don’t forget to save your changes at the bottom of the page and proceed to payment to save your choice!

You will then receive your medal plate a few weeks after the event directly at home, by post.

And if you have already ordered it, you just have to wait!

  • If you paid for the cancellation insurance at the time of registration, you can ask for a refund by logging onto your runner’s profile with your registration code and email. Then I click on “Apply for a refund”.
  • IMPORTANT: you can only subscribe to the cancellation insurance at the time of registration, and until November 4th 2023 included. Please refer to the event rules for more details.
  • If you did not pay for the cancellation insurance at the time of registration, we won’t refund your registration fee.

All registrations are personal and final, none can be reimbursed, or transferred to another year or another individual.

If the problem persists, contact us via email at info-20km@20kmgeneve.com with the subject: CONFIRMATION EMAIL

​If you wish to change your race this is indeed possible under certain conditions :

For a cheaper race: email us at info-20km@20kmgeneve.com but please note that no reimbursement will be made (if you have not taken out cancellation insurance).

For a more expensive race: email us at info-20km@20kmgeneve.com and we will change your distance. Please note that you might pay the price difference. Once the payment is done, your new registration will be validated and you will receive a confirmation email.

You will receive a confirmation email as soon as your registration has been accepted. If you can’t find it, you can look in your junk mail.

If you have not received a confirmation email, please send us an email to info-20km@20kmgeneve.com 


If I can not collect my bib myself, someone else can do it, as long as they have:

- a copy of my ID

- my bib coupon (sent by email one week before the event)


During the Race

The time limit represents the maximum time that a participant has to complete the full distance of the race course. This time limit is calculated on a walking pace basis so do not panic, in theory rare are the cases where participants exceed this limit.


The organisation on D-Day has to deal with important logistical issues. We have a compromise with the city so as not to block road access for too long. The organisation reserves the right to remove your bib if you exceed the time limit set on your race format (you can still finish your race but the security of the participant will no longer be engaged by the organisation).