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Balexert is proud to support the 20km of Geneva, whose sporting values it shares.

An important economic and social player since 1971, the Balexert center has always been committed to supporting local sports, as evidenced by its involvement with the Geneva-Servette Hockey Club since 2019.
Balexert is a true destination: shopping, fooding, cinema, bowling, fitness, well-being and health; all under one roof!
Synonymous with a place to live and located between the airport and the city center, Balexert is the place of choice for the 20km of Geneva that will take place next fall.

Discover the 1001 possibilities of Balexert

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Official Partner

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Procter & Gamble

P&G is a proud Official Partner to the Balexert 20km de Genève and is committed to support the Geneva community efforts to reinforce Health and Well Being for all. A long time partner of the Generali Genève Marathon, P&G is keen to support in addition a program that offers multiple possibilities: if you want to participate, there is a race for you.

In addition, by participating in the Balexert 20km de Genève, P&G will work with its long term partner, the Clairbois foundation, to give the possibility to handicapped children to participate to the race, on their joelette (adapted wheel chair), and pushed by P&G employees to further drive inclusivity of the event.

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Services Industriels de Genève logo

Services Industriels de Genève

SIG is proud to support the Balexert 20km de Genève with which it shares common values around sport, health and sustainable development. This is a way of expressing its role and mission as a public service, and of showing its closeness to the inhabitants beyond its usual services. SIG is continuing its awareness campaign to promote tap water, a water of excellent quality that contributes to the well-being of everyone and to the preservation of the environment. SIG will be supplying runners with Eau de Genève throughout the 20km and the 10km.

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Institutional Partners

Ville de Genève logo

Ville de Genève

Geneva is a global city, a financial hub, and worldwide center for diplomacy due to the presence of numerous international organisations. These include the headquarters of many of the agencies of the United Nations and the Red Cross. The city has been referred to as the world’s most compact metropolis and the “Peace Capital”.

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Canton de Genève

The canton of Geneva is located in the southwestern corner of Switzerland; and is considered one of the most cosmopolitan areas of the country. As the center of the Calvinist Reformation, the city of Geneva has had a huge influence on the canton, which essentially consists of the city and its suburbs.

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Pregny-Chambésy logo


With over 3,500 inhabitants, the town of Pregny-Chambésy is located on the right hand side of Lake Geneva, drawing the line between city and countryside. Pregny-Chambésy has managed to retain its identity as a classic Swiss town as it has grown over the years. The town is formed by three villages: Pregny, Chambésy du Haut and Chambésy du Bas. Over the past few years a number of new projects have come to life in this town, a true testament to its dynamism and commitment to growing. The town's commitment to supporting this race is yet another illustration of this growth mindset. 

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Bellevue logo


Located between the lake and the French border, traversed by both the train and the highway, Bellevue is the main transit line between Geneva and the rest of Switzerland. The village is named after the outstanding views on the mountain range. The land-use planning - particularly the harbour and beaches - and the events organised on the territory make Bellevue an attractive destination for its inhabitants and tourists.

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Located on the shores of Lake Geneva, the town of Genthod is surrounded by Versoix to the North, Collex-Bossy to the West and Bellevue to the South. The main street still retains its early architectural style. Initially, the rural town ofGenthod became a residential area and today the town hosts three farms and many shops, restaurants and a few craft enterprises.

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Charity Partner
Le Réseau Cancer du Sein logo

Le Réseau Cancer du Sein

Breast cancer remains the most prevalent cancer amongst women, affecting 1 in 8 women. In Geneva alone about 8000 women of all ages are living with a diagnosed case of breast cancer. To face up to the challenge created by this harsh reality the Breast Cancer Network / Association Savoir Patient was created in 2001 in Geneva, and has since grown throughout French speaking Switzerland to regroup both patients and professionals from the domain.

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Safety Partner

Touring Club Suisse - Section Genève logo

Touring Club Suisse - Section Genève

Founded on 4 June 1917, the Geneva section of the Touring Club Suisse (TCS) is delighted to be associated with the Balexert 20km de Genève, celebrating sustainable mobility and road safety. Our association has a long-standing tradition of being actively involved in supporting initiatives that enhance the social and economic fabric of Geneva. This partnership reflects our dedication to promoting an active lifestyle while emphasizing the crucial importance of safety and responsible mobility. By participating in the Balexert 20km de Genève, we are not only providing financial support; we are also working to raise community awareness of road safety, helping to make this event an unforgettable and meaningful experience for the whole Geneva community.

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Official Suppliers

Apex Swiss Security logo

Apex Swiss Security

Apex Swiss Security believes in the power of sport. Founded by two passionate runners who attribute their innovation and success to an active lifestyle and running lunch breaks, we encourage our employees and network to reap the benefits of exercise.

As a pillar of health in Geneva, the Balexert 20KM de Genève has been providing the city of Geneva a means to gather around sport for overall improvement. Apex Swiss Security is proud of our collaboration with the Balexert 20KM de Genève.

Apex Swiss Security is a Geneva based full-service security company providing: surveillance, traffic control, event security detail, bodyguards, security guards, alarms and private investigations. Our agents embody diversity and reflect the multicultural spirit of international Geneva. Apex’s mission is your safety.

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Enervit logo


​Those who love sports know that the attentive use of nutritional supplements allows for optimal performance, both in competition and in training.

With over 40 years of experience, Enervit has been able to introduce exceptional innovation into the world of endurance sports, in particular through advanced training methods and nutrition strategies. Enervit’s research centre, Equipe Enervit, is staffed by a team of doctors, scientists, athletes and industry experts, who strive to understand the real needs of athletes across a range of endurance sports. Enervit is committed to offer a complete line of products for every supplementary need. Enervit has been leading the Italian market for decades, and having a highly advanced production facility in Italy allows Enervit to continue to innovate in the sport supplement market.

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Genève Terroir logo

Genève Terroir

Created in 1995 to promote Geneva’s farm products, Opage – the French acronym for the Office for the Promotion of Agricultural Products from Geneva – is a foundation under civil law.

Its board is comprised of representatives of the canton, Agrigenève and the various agricultural sectors.
Opage’s structure and means evolved after the 2004 law on promoting agriculture was voted in and the 2009 signature of a quadrennial service contract with the canton.
In 2009, Opage moved to the new Maison du Terroir in Lully (Bernex), where among other activities it organizes courses on Geneva terroir products throughout the year.

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Hoppbox logo


Looking for tasty healthy snacks where you need them most? Need some Hopp this autumn? Discover Hoppbox, the socially minded Geneva start-up that delivers exciting snacks straight to your home or work.

Snack Smart, Do Good.

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Hospice Général logo

Hospice Général

As a Geneva player in the field of better living together, Hospice général works to ensure that everyone has a place in the community and can make a contribution.

Present in more than 50 locations throughout the canton, Hospice général’s mandate is to prevent social exclusion. To this end, it devotes most of its activity to social assistance for Geneva residents and to the reception of asylum seekers.

It provides social and financial support to people who are temporarily in a precarious situation so that they can regain lasting autonomy. It organizes and encourages actions aimed at cohesion, exchanges and mutual aid.

It also ensures other tasks of prevention and information for all categories of the population.

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Office de Tourisme du Pays de Gex logo

Office de Tourisme du Pays de Gex

This spring season is a sparkling invitation to be dazzled by the new brilliance of colours, intoxicated by the scent of flowers and dazzled by the songs of nature.

Mother Nature reawakens anew, fresh and fragrant. All you want to do is fling open the doors and windows and get to run outside.

Which is a good thing with the longer weekends. Want to join us?

The garden that is the Pays de Gex is the perfect place to soak up springtime over a weekend or longer.It's warm, friendly and easy to reach.

From secret spots to well-known attractions, read on as we take you on some exciting sporty and cultural adventures to help you plan your trip to the destination.

The Pays de Gex stands on the Swiss border along the Jura Mountains to the north, home to the highest peaks, before it flattens and rolls out on the edge of Geneva, its airport and Lake Geneva.

The Rhône runs around it further north as it makes its way to Lyon and beyond.

This is a land of contrasts in terms of both scenery and character and a great playground.   

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Rey Group logo

Rey Group

« Creator of living spaces » 

For over 50 years, Rey Group has been developing its activities in Geneva and abroad in fields such as real estate, hotels, consulting... The family-owned Group is involved in large-scale real estate operations and also specializes in apartment rentals. Rey Group offers hotels and residences in Geneva, including the Drake Longchamp on the Right Bank and the Sagitta on the Left Bank. Last but not least, the Centre Equestre de Versoix - La Bâtie, the result of a family passion that has been perpetuated for decades, completes the offer.

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Media Partners
Radio Lac logo

Radio Lac

Radio Lac is dedicated to being the go to source of information and opinions for their listeners in French-speaking Switzerland. Interactivity, authenticity and accessibility are all engrained in Radio Lac’s DNA!

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Tribune de Genève

The Tribune de Genève has been the newspaper of reference in Geneva since 1879. Covering local, national and international news the Tribune de Genève is the official newspaper of the Balexert 20km de Genève.

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Official Supporter
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Serbeco is often quoted as the leader in the Canton of Geneva in the domain of sustainable development. Its development is structured around social and economic environmental considerations. A pioneer in the sorting, recycling and reuse of waste, this family company processes more than 80,000 tons of waste per year to develop all types of secondary raw materials. For 25 years the company has been carrying out actions for energy efficiency to limit the consumption of fossil fuels. It breaks new ground in terms of engineering collections and provides its customers transport solutions that are more and more eco-friendly; the development of hybrid and electric vehicles and the use of biofuel have headlined these efforts.

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Unilabs is happy to support the Balexert 20km de Genève.

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